Our Scope & Vision

You imagine it, we automate it.

Mobile Apps


Home Automation.


welcome to our unique team

Our Development Team

We develop products combined with futuristic design and technology.

Our goal is not just to develop things but to innovate it to the best possible way.



We always want to be different in things we Build.



We make toughts to reality with smile.

We just don`t depend on projects rather we wait to focus on challenges before us and make sure that our projects always have a humanly touch to it.

We don`t develop a single project for all, but we do a projects for single making it a customer centric one

Glimpse of our Automated Curtains & others

Automated vertical and horizontal curtains beautifully crafted to suit your needs.

Custom made applications and websites as per business needs



Startup Founder

Since we were startup our focus was more towards bussiness development, AppRaisers team came forward with wonderful app which made all our employess to stay connected



We were facing challenges to maintain PDF files which numbered in million, these people made a application were even a non technical guy can use it and made our jobs easier, it was just mind blowing



Being in pharmacutical industry, i had to do many integrations to manage my tasks and meetings. I just had a dicussion with the AppRaisers team about my concerns after which they came forward with a asumm tool which made my job easy.


Automatic opening and closing of sannidhi screens using mobile app at Jayadurga peetam.

Automatic work scheduler and employee tracking system for Garaksha India pvt ltd

App development for Jayadurga peetam.

Automataion of veritical blinds for commercial workspace.

Customer portal for Garaksha India pvt ltd.

Many more & many more to come...